How can you ensure a successful first day of work?

Posted on 04 February 2022

After many interviews and applications you have finally done it, you’ve landed the job and now it is time to get focused and make the most of this opportunity. Your first day will be filled with excitement, nerves and determination and your main focus should always be creating a good first impression on your employees. How you act on your first day is going to set the tone for how your team will see you. This job could be what launches your career but how can you ensure a successful first day at work?

Why is your first day of work important?

Your first day of work is the foundation of your career; it sets the tone for your job going forward. Your first day can be overwhelming as it involves meeting new people, learning the different aspects of the role and understanding how you can do this job well. Remember, you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression so ensure you are making the most of the opportunity and making an effort to be prepared for your first day of work.

Dress the part

The term ‘dress to impress’ is more important on your first day of work than ever. It is important that you dress according to the role and meet the company's dress code; this can be done by checking their social media, looking at their website and reviewing your contract to determine what is expected. From this you can decide whether you will be going formal or casual; for a more formal look you can consider a dress or suit and sensible shoes and for a more casual effect you could choose to go with smart jeans and a nice top. If you are ever unsure it’s best to steer towards a more formal look as it is better to be overdressed than underdressed. Once you start the job you will gain a better insight into what everyone else wears and you can adjust accordingly.

Be friendly

On your first day you must walk in with confidence, introduce yourself and show everyone a cheerful smile - smiling shows your colleagues that you are excited about the role and happy to meet them. Being friendly is one of the easiest ways to make a good first impression and being involved with your colleagues helps them to see you as a part of the team. Throughout the day take all opportunities to start new conversations and always ask questions about other people rather than just talking about yourself. Your colleagues are there to work with you and can help you advance further in your career so it is important to make an effort with them.

Ask a lot of questions

On your first day there is a lot to learn about the role and no one is expecting you to know it all straight away. Asking questions ensures you have a thorough understanding of what is expected and can help you avoid any future mistakes. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed so make sure you gain clarity when you need it - this will help you to feel more confident in the role. Asking questions also shows you want to do well in the job and achieve. If you have been given answers to your questions then ensure you take them on board to avoid anyone having to repeat themselves.

Take the lunch invitation

If your boss or team invite you to lunch make sure you attend - it’s a no brainer. Lunch is a great way to learn more about the team, get an inside look into how the office works and make new friends in a more casual setting. You can use this time to engage in conversation and ask questions about your colleagues - however make sure to avoid any gossiping. This may start to become a more regular occurrence meaning you can start to build strong professional relationships between team members and help advance your career.

Stay calm

And the most important thing? Stay calm. On your first day it’s understandable if you make a few minor mistakes, everyone has to start somewhere. The pressure of making a good impression is overwhelming so ensure your main focus is learning how you can do well in the job and what you need to do to get there. Take deep breaths in the day and make sure you stay present, introduce yourself to the team and get settled in. And remember, there is always tomorrow; a new day means a new chance to do better than the day before.

To ensure a successful first day you must stay calm, be friendly, get involved and look the part. Your first day is an exciting opportunity so grab it and make the best first impression that you can. You have been given the role for a reason so have confidence in yourself that you can do well and be a strong attribute to the team. Our expert team here at GMP Recruitment offer high quality, bespoke recruitment solutions and are always available to discuss any opportunities that we may have available. Call us today on 01905 958333 or drop us an email at to see how we can help you!

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