The importance of taking a break from work this Christmas

Posted on 10 December 2021

With December upon us, we are emphasising the importance of taking a break from work this Christmas. Even if it’s for just two days, it’s vital that you take the time to switch off and wind down. Christmas is a time for family, friends and of course, great food! So don’t spend it checking emails and finishing off work. Taking a break this year will help to improve your overall performance and avoid burnout.

The importance of taking a break

Taking a break is one of the best ways to reduce stress. You can completely switch off from the weight of work. Taking time off over this period means you can return in the new year feeling re-energised and ready to take on any challenges thrown your way. Stress has a negative impact on every aspect of your life - both physically and mentally - so relaxation and self care is essential. You can swap checking emails and answering phone calls for getting more sleep, spending time with loved ones and enjoying the things you love.

 Taking a break also gives you the time to reset both your focus and your goals. You can use this time to think about what you really want and use that to motivate you in the new year. Set yourself targets to help ensure you are always growing and striving to do your best. Taking the time to relax also allows you to rekindle relationships. If you are someone who’s work takes over their life then you may have found that plans have been missed and you haven’t seen the people who mean the most to you - now's the time to see your friends and family.

How to switch off over Christmas

Even when we are given the time to relax, it can be hard and - for many people - boring which can sometimes lead us to fall back into work mode. There are things you can do over this time to ensure you are fully switching off and making the most of your rest.

Plan ahead

There is nothing worse than unfinished work hanging over your head whilst you are trying to switch off - this is why planning ahead is essential. Before shutting down for Christmas, prioritise your task list at work, question what can be done in the new year and focus on getting the most important things completed. Then once you know what can be left, create a to do list so that when you get back, you know exactly what needs doing. Tie up any loose ends and then allow yourself to switch off knowing everything is under control.

Switch off your emails

So many people are guilty of checking their emails during the Christmas break; in fact one third of people do it.In order to switch off completely, you’ll need to set an out of office on; this could include contact details but for emergencies only - it is important to get the message across that you won’t be replying - at least not straight away. Try to leave your laptop either off or at work so that there is nothing to persuade you to look - because lets face it, one simple check can turn into a day of work. If your emails are connected to your phone then it would also be beneficial to silence them over Christmas.

Schedule in some social plans

It’s important that you plan things in order to keep busy and enjoy yourself. Sometimes doing nothing for too long can lead to boredom which can also result in wanting to do some work. These plans can be as simple as spending time with friends or family, last minute Christmas shopping, going somewhere you love or even enjoying your favourite hobby.

Have some time for yourself

The chances are you're always rushing around for other people. Whether that's getting the kids to school on time, helping clients or attending meetings, we forget to take time for ourselves. This is an excellent opportunity to take some time out and switch off your brain and relax. Take an hour out of your day to read your favorite book, take a walk or do something you love - make sure this is your main focus and the time is spent looking after yourself.

Set time aside each day

For many, it isn’t as easy as just switching off and forgetting everything until January. However this doesn’t mean you can never relax. If your role requires you to check on things like emails and clients then set a certain amount of time each day to do this; having a set time means you won’t spend the entire day doing it - you’ll check everything is running smoothly and turn it back off. It is good to do this either first thing in the morning or in the evening so that it doesn’t affect the whole day.

 There are many different reasons why taking a break this Christmas is important - it will help you mentally and physically. Allow yourself the time to switch off so that you can come back in the new year with better productivity and a fresh mindset. If you can’t take the time off this Christmas, then ensure your resolution is to take some time off in the new year.

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