How can I successfully job hunt?

Posted on 21 November 2021

It can be tough when it comes to finding the right job. It now involves a lot more than simply putting in an application, getting an interview and landing a job, especially in today's competitive and network-driven job market. It can often leave you wondering, “how can I successfully job hunt?”, or “where should I even start?”. It is important to plan and prepare for every single aspect; by following certain steps you can ensure a smooth ride when it comes to searching for the right career path.

 Know your career goals

 Before you start searching or applying, you need to establish one thing - what career goal you want to achieve. Ensure that you have clear, realistic and specific goals that you can then work towards; you’ll need to determine how you reach them and also have an understanding of what you need to do to go down that career path. By assessing your career goals, you will be improving the chances of finding a job, increasing your tenure and maybe even being sent in a direction that never previously crossed your mind, opening up new opportunities for yourself. It will also help to narrow down your job search to positions that you are passionate about.

 Plan ahead

 Planning is the key to success, so always be prepared. Take the time to organise yourself to maximise your interview performance. One of the main things is to ensure your CV and cover letter are up to date and have the correct information. You can do this by asking someone to proofread to spot any errors or offer advice. In some cases you could even work alongside a professional to ensure everything is to a high standard. It is also good to have your list of references and contact information ready in preparation for your future employers. You can also do things like keeping track of applicationsand interviews securedto keep on top of things. To help with this you can set up a professional email to differentiate between personal and work-related emails. Taking these little steps to plan ahead are going to help make the process both easier and faster.

 Prepare for interviews

 When it comes to interviews, always be prepared. It breeds confidence and shows you are interested in the opportunity. Look up common interview questions and practicewith either a friend or professional to help make the interview process less daunting. A thorough plan will help you to remain calm and set you apart from other candidates. During the job hunting stage this can often be looked over however, it is one of the most important steps to getting yourself that dream role.

 Research companies

 Always research the companies you are applying for; this not only provides you with information regarding who they are, but also helps you to determine whether or not they are a good cultural fit for you. This type of research also links back to interview preparation as it allows you to come up with meaningful questions to ask. You will also get an insight into things like the company's culture, salary range, products, services and work environment. You can also use this as valuable information to reference in your cover letter or interview. As well as this, it is also an excellent way to demonstrate your interest in thejob and align yourself with the company.

 Use all job resources

 One common mistake is that people don’t actively keep on top of job resources within the marketplace; you need to takefull advantage of all job search options available. When it comes to job searching you do have to go out and find things for yourself, so attending job fairs and searching social media is an excellent place to start. This process involves time, patience and even some discoveries along the way. Using all job resources is an easy way to increase your chances of getting hired.

 Customise your resume

 You want an employer to read through a pile of resumes and pick yours out straight away - the best way to do this is by adapting your resume to each job that you apply for. This, of course, does not mean lying and writing things that aren't true; it simply means you can add your skills, experience and achievements that are relevant to the position. You should keep things like education and contact information the same but personalise your abilities or past job duties to fit the job that you are applying for. Always study the job description and get a clear understanding of whether you fit this role and what exactly the company is looking for.

 It is easy to see there are some simple steps that can be taken when you are wanting to successfully job hunt. The main thing is to be prepared, keep everything up to date and ensure you are applying for roles that suit you best. The process can be made much simpler when you apply these to your process. A customised resume and strong preparation for interviews could be the difference between you and someone else getting that role.

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