What is the importance of effective recruitment?

Posted on 09 September 2021

There is a myth that effective recruitment is solely about hiring the right person for the job; I am sure that from the use of the word ‘myth’ you can guess that it is in fact so much more than this. Okay, so what is the importance of effective recruitment? The process of finding and hiring new employees to fill a position can be a time-consuming and difficult task, especially if you do not have recruitment experience. An expert recruiter is able to deploy an efficient recruitment process that helps to reduce costs, enhance your company's reputation and ensure that the best candidates with the correct skills are put forward for the position. An effective recruitment process will not only find excellent employees but will also help you to save time and money on constantly replacing and training new people.

What is recruitment?

Recruitment can either make or break your company, so getting it correct is vital. Yet, what actually is recruitment and what does it involve? Recruitment refers to the process of identifying, attracting, interviewing, selecting, hiring and onboarding employees. Without an efficient recruitment process, your company will struggle to find the best talent to fulfil your requirements..

The best recruiters will typically look to meet with candidates prior to submitting their CV’s to their client, talking through their career history, needs and motivations. Upon shortlisting the best talent, they’ll submit a recommendation to the client that they should interview these candidates. The market moves extremely fast, so the shorter, more efficient the process, the better to ensure the client doesn’t lose out on talent to competitors. A recruiter will play an integral role throughout the process, helping to manage interview days and provide subsequent feedback between both parties. If the client does wish to employ a candidate, the recruiter will also manage the offer stage to ensure a satisfactory outcome for both parties. However, their role doesn’t end there. They’ll also stay in touch throughout the candidate’s notice period and provide aftercare once the candidate has started, ensuring everything is going well.

Recruitment has a dynamic purpose and importance that caters to both the organisation and the candidates applying. When you look up the recruitment definition, it involves the entire hiring process, from the very beginning steps all the way to eventually integrating into the company.

The importance of effective recruitment for your business

When it comes to scouting and hiring new employees, it is not an easy process and neither is being the person on the hunt for a job. So by working with a recruitment agency, it makes the job easier for both parties. What overall benefits will your business see from an effective recruitment process?

Get the right talent

Having high-quality employees within your business is the number one priority for any employer and it is often said that it’s better to hire no one than the wrong person. With an effective recruitment process comes organisation and being organised means that you can gain, as a company, a clear understanding of exactly what you are looking for. You can communicate with your recruitment team the types of candidates that you are going to want to attract which means they can carefully select the people who best meet your requirements. It is all about scouting the right talent for both the role and your business. Your recruiter’s main priority is ultimately to search for the people who have the best skill-set and personality for the job.

Saves time and money

Nearly three in four employers (74%) say they have hired the wrong person for a position; this will have cost them time and money - sadly there are many ways in which poor recruitment practices result in financial losses. There is simply no point spending valuable time and effort finding someone who just isn’t suited for the job; it is going to end in either retraining or starting from scratch with a new search - these are two things you need to avoid. By having a clear understanding of what skills you require, it means you are more likely to find someone who is best suited for that particular job. This also means that you can focus your time on other areas within the business that are going to drive growth.

Candidate filtering

If you are someone who has sorted through endless CV’s, then you will know that going through applications to find the best candidates can be an extremely time consuming job. This is where a recruitment agency can help; a recruitment partner is the first step in the ‘filtration process’. They will be the ones who can thoroughly go through each potential candidate and ensure that only the best applications are submitted.

Specialist industry knowledge

One of the benefits of working with an expert recruitment agency is that you can access the in-depth industry networks they have built, as well as receive information on market trends, current skill shortages and hiring challenges. They should have a good knowledge and insight into your market which then means that they can offer up this expertise in order to assist your business on a consultative basis.

Increase productivity

When you choose to employ someone, you want them to succeed and achieve for both themselves and the business as a whole; by creating a frictionless and efficient recruitment experience, it is an easy way to increase the likelihood that your new employees are going to be engaged from the very beginning. Productivity within a business is vital; hiring the wrong person can impact this, causing stress and conflict within the team. It also takes substantial time to resolve. A recruiter will be able to find out about the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and achievements, enabling them to establish whether they would be a suitable fit for the client.

Now you have a clear understanding of just how important effective recruitment is for your business, it is easy to see that it helps companies source the best talent available. Working with a recruitment agency is going to save both time and money, improve your company's productivity and allow you to identify the correct candidates.

Here at GMP Recruitment we offer high quality, bespoke recruitment solutions and are proud to have built a portfolio of excellent long-term client and candidate partnerships. If you’re looking to recruit for your team - or maybe you’re looking for an exciting new opportunity yourself - then contact our experts today on 01905 958333 or drop us an email at info@gmprecruitment.co.uk.

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