What is contract recruitment?

Posted on 16 September 2021

When it comes to a company's workforce there are always fluctuating needs; this is exactly why the contract recruitment market is on the rise. Hiring staff on a temporary contract is becoming increasingly popular. This could be to fill short-term project roles, cover permanent staff members or help with workforce shortages. So what is contract recruitment? Are there any benefits to it?

What is contract recruitment?

Contract recruitment involves looking for candidates on the behalf of clients seeking to fill short term job roles with a definitive lifespan. Depending on the size of the project, this could be anything from three months to two years. As a contractor, you will be expected to come in with the required skills to immediately hit the ground running. Furthermore, you must also be comfortable with the fact that the role isn’t indefinite; there’s always a risk that your contract could be terminated at short notice if demand is no longer there. As an example, a construction company might need a Health and Safety Manager on a six-month contract to oversee the job until it is completed; upon giving a detailed brief to a recruiter, they will then search for the correct candidate to fill this role. It can be an extremely useful option in handling intense volumes of work that are only expected to last a definitive period of time.

How does it work?

This type of recruitment works in a similar way to many others and involves numerous steps. Like with anything, the first step is for the company to decide which positions they would like filled by contractors and determine exactly what skills they are looking for. If you haven’t got an in-house team capable of sourcing talent, it is always advised to partner with an expert recruitment agency. This will get the process of sourcing the right candidates, vetting them and starting the interview process rolling. Upon successful completion of a recruitment process, the company will sign an agreement with the contractor for a defined period of time - however, unlike permanent employment, it is liable to be extended or terminated at short notice.

What's the difference between contract and permanent recruitment?

Contract recruitment refers to a much more flexible approach and involves a short term contract with a company. This is ideal for solving workforce shortages, outsourcing less demanding jobs or replacing key employees for interim periods - more times than not it is referred to as a definite role; as your contract will state exactly how long the time period with the employer will be. This is a popular choice of recruitment as it can provide less risk for the employer than the costs incurred taking somebody on full-time. From a contractors point of view, it also provides them with access to more lucrative opportunities.

However, permanent recruitment is the complete opposite. This is an indefinite job role as there is no defined time scale; you may stay for months, years or even your entire career. It involves a full-time employee joining the business on a permanent basis and, unlike contract recruitment, they are fully on the payroll. This type of recruitment is preferred by businesses when there is always a need for certain roles to be performed.

What are the benefits of working with a contract recruiter?

So, how is working with a contract recruiter going to benefit your business? This can be a very smart move. As a business, you gain a highly skilled recruitment specialist who is able to take on complete responsibility for sourcing your contingent workforce. This increases efficiency as you and your team can focus on other business needs. As a manager there will be no added stress of trying to scout the best candidates. Your recruiters can apply their extensive marketknowledge and source the right candidate for the position - as well as ensuring you have access to the best talent in the sector. They can advertise for short term vacancies and ensure that increases in seasonal demand are easily managed. Finally, it will eliminate the long-term commitment associated with ‘traditional hiring’, reduce overall risk and lessen the administrative burden.

Benefits of a contractor

Hiring a contractor is becoming more and more popular for businesses. As a business owner, you may start to consider how a contractor could benefit you. When short term work comes around, chances are the role needs filling fast and with the right candidate. A contractor will have been sourced by a contract recruiter meaning you have the peace of mind that they are suited for the role. This brings great advantages. These include access to the skill set you need without a long- term commitment. You will also find that the overheads are lower, simply because there is no pay as you earn (PAYE) or national insurance contributions to administer. As a business, you have the control to specify the type of work and duration of working hours that you will need to get the job or project completed. A contractor can be used for one-off jobs and allow permanent members of staff to focus on the core activities of the business - it is also a great way to keep the wheel turning if there are any absences within the team.

We have now established exactly what contract recruitment is, as well as the differences and the benefits it brings. It is easy to see that it can provide expert support to a business, especially when short-term roles need to be filled. It can be a daunting and long process to find the correct candidate for a job role, which is exactly why companies such as GMP Recruitment are here to help. For more information regarding our recruitment solutions and the services we can offer, contact us today. You can ring our expert team on 01905 958333 or email us at info@gmprecruitment.co.uk for a confidential discussion about how we can help you!

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