Employer branding and the candidate experience!

Posted on 01 November 2020

In a labour market that’s extremely competitive and increasingly candidate-driven, having a strong employer brand is crucial. Talent want to know who you are from the outset.

An engaging employer brand can even help retain existing staff and improve quality-of-hire. Your candidate experience and employer brand should go hand in hand. Candidates begin to form opinions about your business very early on in the application process.

The candidate experience is how candidates recognise and perceive your company from their very first interaction; from recruitment and interviewing through to your hiring process and onboarding.

The employer branding is so important because it’s how you present yourself to future employees. Your brand represents who you are as company; it is what you stand for and will ultimately be what attracts employees to you – and what will make them stay.

As the job market becomes ever more competitive with demand higher than supply, the focus has shifted to attracting and retaining talent. It’s important for companies to look closely at their hiring experience from a candidate’s point of view. As companies fight for experienced, qualified people who ‘fit’, business must work harder to attract and retain employees.

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