5 Ways to find a job you love!

Posted on 01 November 2020

How important is it to work within a job that you love?

Well as a recruiter who has placed thousands of candidates into a variety of roles during my career I would say that its essential!

​To help you find your dream role GMP Recruitment have put together five ways to ensure that your opportunity is the right one for you!

Research the company and brand

Whether you are looking to move into a brand new sector or to a direct competitor doing your research will be paramount to your success. A quick search online will reveal information about their values, mission statement and ethics. Ask around to find out about the company culture and employer brand before you make your decision. All these elements should align with your personal values and will be pivotal in decided whether you are making the right decision!

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”

Be sure of your job description

When starting out on your hunt for a new job, ensure that you understand exactly what the role will entail. Some roles may seem glamorous at first glance, but remember that some roles will come with any additional responsibilities, unsociable hours, rotating shifts. Look at the responsibilities and always remember to ask yourself, 'would I enjoy the work?'.

Know how you want to progress

It’s a good idea to have an understanding of how you want your career to progress and if those opportunities are likely to arise at this business. Indications of progression might include the company size, the hierarchy, their growth plans and how long existing staff have been in their roles. If the company is growing, it may indicate that you can progress with the expansion.

Ask questions at the interview

Once you’ve applied for the role and secured the interview, it’s your opportunity to ask about any specifics that you were unable to find in your initial research. Cover aspects like training and development, opportunities within the company and how they deal with customer service. Remember, the interview isn’t just an opportunity for them to ask you questions! It may also be a good idea to ask your interviewer what they like about working at the establishment as it will give you a good indication of the culture.

Use a specialist recruitment agency

If you register with a recruitment agency that specialises placing candidates within your sector then it is your consultant’s job is to find roles that will suit your skills, career aspirations and personality fit. It’s a great way to ensure that you’re interviewing for roles you’re likely to fall in love with on your first day – and never look back!

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